The VAgina Museum







To raise awareness for the Vagina Museum and smash taboos surrounding vulvas.



Girls as young as 9 years old are seeking labiaplasty surgery for fear that they don't look "normal" or "beautiful" enough.


Celebrate a different kind of V-Day on the 14th of February by planting a loud and proud 8ft tall flower vagina in the heart of Camden Market, of course.

We spread the positive message that flowers of all shapes and sizes are considered naturally beautiful, and we should view our bodies, especially our vulvas the same way.

We encouraged passersby to pluck a rose from the installation to spread the #loveyourlabia message among loved ones on Valentines Day.

All 800 roses were picked by the end of the afternoon.


Our work featured on the Vagina Museum and Modibodi's Instagram pages, reaching over 150k followers.

We also caused a stir in the press, gaining coverage across UK and French publications including London Post, Secret London and Le Petite Journal in Paris.

© 2021 Ciara Boyle and Chloe Neal