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'Together this Ramadan'

x1 Cannes Lion: Bronze - Media - Cultural Insight
x1 Cannes Lion: Shortlist - Media - Social Impact 


Celebrate Ramadan with the recognition it deserves as a British cultural event.


Almost 4 million British muslims observe Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. But you would never know from UK advertising as the muslim community are rarely accurately portrayed, if at all.

Boldly remove all food from Tesco's advertising, only filling up the empty plates when the sun sets and Iftar begins. We worked with diversity and inclusion consultancy The Unmistakables and the Race and Ethnicity network at Tesco to ensure every detail was authentic to an Iftar table and relatable to the muslim community. Our DOOH billboards ran for the whole month of Ramadan in areas of high muslim populations, West London, Birmingham and Bradford. Each bespoke site was also timed to

the exact moment of sunset at each location.

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