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How can creatives overcome creative block?


4% of the population experience synaesthesia, which allows creatives like Kanye West to produce concepts in a completely different way to everyone else.

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The Syn Pod

The Syn Pod uses AI and VR to generate an individualised simulated experience of synaesthesia for creatives inside agencies to provide inspiration, and help break through creative block when working on briefs and concepts.  

Inside, the pod will scan your brain to create a personalised synaesthesia experience. An interactive touch screen will allow you to choose if you want a colour, sound or scent-based experience, or a combination. For example, a series of sounds combined with scent could prompt the pod to produce melodies alongside the smell of freshly cut grass, a roast dinner, or coffee so you can 'smell sound'. The VR headset will be worn to begin the fully immersive experience.

VR headset.jpg
pod Touch screen.jpg

Google glasses will also feature the experience, so your brain can be creatively stimulated and inspired while on the go or travelling between meetings.

Google glasses.jpg

Here's what a synaesthasia experience where you can 'hear colour' might be like.

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