Hi! Chloe, here. Back in 2016-18, I was teaching English and Politics in Finland. 


While there, I was tasked to design a project to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence and attract prospective students to Kalajoen lukio.

The result?

My students and I designed and built a fully functioning escape room from scratch, 

in the space of one month.

From this...

To this...

We had over 60 bookings in one week.

Our efforts even saw us win an award for best youth project of the year.

Not bad.

Ciara fills canvases with paint and pages with Calligraphy in her spare time
A look inside Chloe's mind

This madness won Chloe a place at the D&AD Academy 2019.

The Challenge: 

To create a mood board filled with all the things that make up your creative DNA.

Ciara HAS BEEN selling oxygen

The Challenge: 

Sell something on Ebay using everyday stuff.

chloe also enjoys writing poetry about fast food

When I reached and found no more, 
I heaved a sigh, eyes on the floor. 
So much better than Burger King, 
And KFC - ha - just a fling. 
You're the fries that have my heart, 
My arteries, you'll never part.

© 2021 Ciara Boyle and Chloe Neal