© 2019 Ciara Boyle and Chloe Neal

chloe enjoys writing poetry about fast food.

When I reached and found no more, 
I heaved a sigh, eyes on the floor. 
So much better than Burger King, 
And KFC - ha - just a fling. 
You're the fries that have my heart, 
My arteries, you'll never part.

Ciara fills canvases with paint and pages with Calligraphy in her spare time
A look inside Chloe's mind

This madness won Chloe a place at the D&AD Academy 2019.

The Challenge: 

To create a mood board filled with all the things that make up your creative DNA.

This creative DNA

Comes from an old Midlands mining town,

And the discovery that words are escape.

It's bound by the first time I knew I'd read magic,

By Harper Lee.

It stills belongs to the girl sat cross-legged in the pub,

The one who daydreamed in clouds of sweat and smoke.

And it's laced with hours spent listening:

Freddie, Nas, Beethoven.

This creative DNA

Twists with memories of 5000/1 miracles.

LESTAH. The impossible - possible!

It wears mistakes like a crown,

There are many and they are golden.

It's rich with drag queens owning the stage,

Fierce for the arts.

And it's coated in Van Gogh's brush strokes.

This creative DNA 

Is unfinish-

Ciara HAS BEEN selling oxygen

The Challenge: 

Sell something on Ebay using everyday stuff.

Chloe left a little present for the randy office dog after she left her placement at Punk.