the rubber club


Encourage more 18-24 year olds to use condoms.


We unearthed a study by the University of North Carolina which found that only 12/2600 sex scenes in popular TV shows and movies referenced condoms. Since we're all influenced by what we watch, this seems really daft.


We're creating our own parody condom department service called:

The Rubber Club.



Business cards

Launching the business: the drop

Dropping condoms on famous TV and movie studios.

Our trusty 'Condom Directors' will keep the on-set department stocked with these types of condoms too.

getting in touch

We've typed emails to studios offering our services.

Here's one we sent to ITV:

dragons' den

Finally, we've applied to Dragons' Den with our business idea to get as many eyes on the subject of safe sex as possible. Fingers crossed for 2020.

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